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At Metric Labs, we have helped a huge range of B2B companies with developing and managing marketing campaigns that deliver high-quality leads and revenue. We are industry agnostic and have experience across majority of industries so if you are an IT Company, Financial Services, Software, environmental services or even a government agency we can certainly help you achieve your marketing goals.

We have a team of experienced B2B marketers who have proven track records of delivering results. Our approach is data-led, we spend a significant amount of time immersing ourselves in our clients’ businesses allowing us to understand every nuance of the clients’ processes. Armed with this intel we go away and formulate B2B marketing strategies that are ROI focussed and tailored to your needs.

B2B Marketing Services

From experience, we know B2B customers follow a complex buying process and in most cases have longer sales cycles than their counterparts – B2C, this makes finding and reaching high intent B2B clients difficult. This is all coupled with a plethora of marketing platforms and exorbitant media costs. Only a data-driven B2B strategy can cut through the clutter and deliver exceptional results for business (B2B) marketers.

Leveraging deep expertise in B2B customer acquisition, we work to achieve an optimal channel mix that uncovers valuable data insights allowing us to tap into high-value in-market B2B target audience. Success in B2B marketing begins with understanding your customers and industry. Prior to any client engagement, we perform extensive research to better understand your industry, competitive landscape and more importantly your customer’s personas.

Here are some of the services we deliver for our B2B clients;

B2B SEO services

As an experienced B2B marketing agency we understand the value of SEO both from a technical perspective as well as content marketing. We offer you guidance on SEO best practice starting with an enterprise SEO audit which delivers insights into areas of opportunity within your website and provides guidance on implementation.

The SEO Audit addresses the following key areas

  • Crawling Audit
  • Indexing & Technical Audit
  • Product, Persona User & Keyword Audit
  • Content Audit
  • Performance Audit
  • External link Audit
  • Implementation Strategy

B2B content marketing

We all know content is king, this is especially true when devising a B2B marketing strategy. Having an extensive B2B content marketing strategy that ties into SEO can provide exceptional results for any company in the B2B space. Effective content marketing is all about research, execution and consistency. Producing content assets like white papers, thought leadership and consistent blogging will amplify your brand making you a trusted influencer within your industry. Leveraging long-form content and combining the aforementioned SEO marketing strategies is another great way to improve organic visibility and increase lead generation.

Some of the strategies we employ for effective content marketing include;

  • Defining personas, content objectives and KPIs
  • Performing extensive keyword research
  • Extensive topical search with a focus on uncovering common customer queries
  • Content gap analysis layered with competitor research
  • Content calendar development
  • Content writing, optimising and testing
  • Continued content optimisation

B2B Social Media Marketing

For effective lead generation, a successful B2B marketing strategy needs to cover social media. Linkedin is the preferred social media marketing platforms for B2B. Depending on your products and services, Facebook can also play a role in the B2B marketing funnel especially for remarketing acting as an additional touchpoint and therefore increasing the likelihood of a customer converting.

For effective Linkedin lead generation, we use the following methodology;

  • Extensive personal profiling
  • Granular Audience building using the personas as a guide
  • Leverage existing customer audiences from email marketing
  • Using a combination of campaign types
  • Smart creative – audience matching
  • Audience and bid optimisation

Other B2B Strategies

Beyond the common B2B digital marketing strategies mentioned above, and the likes of email marketing, our team can also advise on digital marketing strategies that are not familiar to novice business marketers. Some of the less common inbound marketing strategies we are seeing crop up in B2B markets include;

B2B marketing is complex and difficult, partner with an agency that has demonstrated success in inbound marketing for B2B. Partner with Metric Labs and accelerate your business growth.

An Agency that Cares

Metric Labs is a diverse team of data-led B2B marketing experts. We take our data seriously but more importantly we care for our clients and work hard to deliver the what we promise. Our team has a plethora of experience helping B2B clients navigate digital marking.

Our aim is to be an extension of our client’s marketing team helping you understand the B2B marketing landscape whilst delivering exceptional results.  Team up with an agency that cares, get in touch today!

Frequently asked questions

B2B Stands for Business to Business. B2B Marketing is therfore marketing of products or services to other organisations rather than individual consumers. The process of marketing to business is quite different to consumers, most business have multiple decision makers and perform extensive analysis before making a buying decision. This typically results in longer sales cycles and the need to supply loads of information before a decision can be made.

The simple answer is YES! B2B companies need digital marketing to drive quality leads to their sales pipeline. With the prevalence of the internet, most B2B buyers start their research journeys by searching online. It’s important for a B2B business to have sufficient online visibility so they can be seen by these prospective buyers.

The marketing spend depends on the client and the industry. If you are a B2B client in a small targeted niche your budgets will differ from those companies in large niches. For example a nanotechnology company may not need to spend as much on marketing as an office furniture business.

We research your industry to understand competitiveness and scale and provide guidance on marketing spend that will have a positive impact on your business.

Simple. Get in touch.

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Client Testimonials

– Rob Lynch, Couriers & Freight

“The Metric Labs team have been professional and responsive. 

We’ve seen increased lead generation, and we can see where our leads are coming from.”





— Martin Lazarevic, National Crime Check

“I have worked with Vincent from Metric Labs for over 5 years now. 

Over the years we have seen our organic visibility and revenue grow by over 170% with our paid search growing over 600% making us the leading police check vendor in Australia. 

The team at Metric Labs is also diligent, responsive and really pleasant to work with

— Lauren Earl, Manning Cartell.

“It comes down to integrity and the ability to deliver that would define Katie, Hum, and the Metric Labs team. 

In this forever evolving digital landscape, Metric Labs is always coming up with clever ways to stay ahead of the curve and get cut-through in this saturated space. 

If you are in need of an amazing digital agency, you really don’t need to look any further than Metric Labs.”

— Stephanie Lay, Good Capital Group

“We have worked with Metric Labs on building our digital marketing presence. We’ve found the team extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with. 

They have helped us to grow our leads by a significant amount and were always in contact about campaign activities. 

The team also provided us with invaluable reporting and insight into our campaigns, which allowed us to regularly iterate and improve to consistently meet our objectives.”

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