DAW Discussion: Alternatives to GA4
Dec 6 2023 | by Dom

Data Analytics Wednesday is the monthly industry meet up for data and analytics minded people (which we also sponsor!). The topic for this month’s meet up was a spicy...

Welcome to the Post- Universal Analytics world
Jul 14 2023 | by Dom

The future is now thanks to the sunsetting of Universal Analytics. As of July 1st 2023, Universal Analytics accounts (the now old version of Google Analytics) will start to...

What is the data layer?
Jan 16 2023 | by Dom

If you’ve spent time looking into Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics, you’ve likely come across the term Data Layer. And maybe at some point, you’ve probably then thought...

MeasureCamp 2022
Oct 26 2022 | by Dom

After a 3 year hiatus, MeasureCamp Sydney was back on last weekend. Generously hosted by Google, MeasureCamp Sydney is our local version of the worldwide Digital Analytics conference and...

What is CAPI?
Sep 6 2022 | by Dom

What is CAPI? CAPI is short for Conversion API and is the latest method for tracking conversions with Facebook. The Conversions API is used for tracking users, events and...

Google Analytics 4 Debug View
Aug 29 2022 | by Dom

One of the more useful features of Google Analytics 4 is the new Debug View, which allows you to see all the information and events you’re sending to the...

How mature is your Google Analytics 4 set up?