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Making it rain: real time bid adjustments in Adwords using local weather conditions
Nov 6 2018 | by Vincent

AdWords provides many powerful tools to adapt our bids to local conditions: hour and time of day bidding, campaign scheduling, location targeting and other more sophisticated methods have become...

Google introduces new features for expanded text ads
Sep 11 2018 | by Vincent

In early August, Google broke the news that expanded text ads would be getting some changes, to bring them in line with the responsive ads that Google has been...

Supplements and Google Ads: Dealing with difficult verticals
Aug 21 2018 | by Vincent

Over the years, those of us here at Metric Labs have dealt with any number of campaigns that have run afoul of Google Ads (formally AdWords) policy restrictions. Google’s...

Adwords rebrands to Google Ads
Jul 18 2018 | by Vincent

If you’re an Adwords user you may have heard that Google announced a major rebrand of all its advertising platforms in June. This includes Adwords, which will become Google...

google smart bidding test split
Experiment: Should we use Google’s machine learning Target CPA bidding strategy?
Mar 15 2018 | by Vincent

If you have managed any Adwords campaigns you may have received a few calls from Google’s account managers offering optimisation recommendations. One recurring recommendation is to try out Adwords...

How To: Schedule sitelinks extensions in Adwords Editor
Jan 24 2018 | by Vincent

As a paid search manager you might have worked on a retail campaign that needs constant sitelink extension updates due to ever changing promotions. This can be frustrating so...