Rob Curran
Using alternative data sources to find your audience on Facebook
Dec 17 2018 | by Vincent

Remember earlier in the year when Facebook’s popularity and share price took a dive thanks to a little company called Cambridge Analytica and its shady dealings with Facebook users’...

A guide to conversation design
Dec 7 2018 | by Vincent

You might be seeing the words “conversation design” thrown around more in the future as we see AIs like Google Assistant (and Google’s creepy yet extremely effective Duplex) being...

Mitsuku the 18 year old bot
Nov 26 2018 | by Vincent

Here at Metric Labs, we can’t get enough of chatbot marketing and how bots are changing the way we engage with technology. Chatbot marketing is the newest service that...

Making it rain: real time bid adjustments in Adwords using local weather conditions
Nov 6 2018 | by Vincent

AdWords provides many powerful tools to adapt our bids to local conditions: hour and time of day bidding, campaign scheduling, location targeting and other more sophisticated methods have become...

Growing with messenger marketing
Oct 10 2018 | by Vincent

Messenger marketing is being touted as the next big thing in marketing. You might see a lot of fuss telling you to get on it now as it’s predicted...

Google introduces new features for expanded text ads
Sep 11 2018 | by Vincent

In early August, Google broke the news that expanded text ads would be getting some changes, to bring them in line with the responsive ads that Google has been...